Alone we can do so little - together we can do so much!

They say you are only as strong as your partners. We have always given credence to this when choosing our business partners, and have strived to create a best-of-the-best team for our customers. With Donzi we have not only produced a masterpiece yacht – we have created an icon of life.


J&J Design and Donzi Yachts

J&J Design was established as a yacht design office by brothers Japec and Jernej Jakopin in 1983. Over 300 designs for 55 production boat builders from 22 countries gave birth to over 60.000 boats and yachts.

In an exciting development, Donzi Inc. has partnered with J&J Design to revolutionize the world of boating with a series of extraordinary boats known as the “Game Changer Lifestyle Icon”. The initial model in this collaboration is the Donzi Yachts XLV (45 ft), a vessel that sets the tone for the impressive line-up. Following this, the LIV (54 ft) and LXV (65 ft) models will be introduced, offering both T-top and coupe variations to cater to diverse preferences.